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UT USM Go+ for Absolute Beginners (UT101)
Equipment Courses
UT USM Go+ for Absolute Beginners (UT101)
This course is applicable to anyone who has a USM Go+ and has never performed an ultrasonic inspection of metal parts or railroad tracks. Learning Outcomes: -learn the basic principles of ultrasonic inspection - adjust and operate the USM...
UT USM Go+ UT for the Busy Learner (UT102)
Equipment Courses
UT USM Go+ UT for the Busy Learner (UT102)
This version of training material for personnel wishing to learn how to use the USM Go+ is designed for those who have busy schedules with limited daily spare time to apply to learning new methods for inspecting material quality. Typical learning...
UT Sound Energy Transit Time (UT201)
Ultrasonic Testing
UT Sound Energy Transit Time (UT201)
Provides the principles of how to analyze the time of flight or travel time of sound energy movement during the ultrasonic inspection of material.

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