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UT USM Go+ UT for the Busy Learner (UT102)

This version of training material for personnel wishing to learn how to use the USM Go+ is designed for those who have busy schedules with limited daily spare time to apply to learning new methods for inspecting material quality. Typical learning techniques are greatly improved by applying small periods of time daily to the learning process rather than two-to-four-hour long learning sessions once or twice a week. This course addresses this issue by breaking up the entire course into smaller units called "chunks." This method presents the course to learners in ready-made short sessions to apply to their learning process.
  • Intro Unit1 USM Go for Beginners
  • Intro Unit 2 USM Go for Beginners
  • Part 2 Intro
  • PART 2 USM Go AB.pptx sample
  • 2U1
  • 2U2
  • 2U3
  • 2U4
  • 2U5
  • 2U6
  • 2U7
  • Part 3 Intro
  • 3U0
  • 3U1
  • 3U2
  • 3U3
  • 3U4
  • 3U5
  • 3U6
  • 3U7
  • 3U8
  • 3U9
  • 3U10
  • 3U11
  • 3U12
  • 3U13
  • 3U14
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever